Shaun Franklin

Why do I do this? Because I love helping people feel, and move, better. I love guiding people to being a healthier, stronger version of themselves.

I started my Personal Training career after graduating from Texas State University, San Marcos in 2012 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Sports Science. Since 2012 I have transformed from being a Personal Trainer to being a Coach.

I’ve been a sports and fitness enthusiast since I was young. I played football, baseball, ran track, and was an avid weight lifter in high school. In college, I was an avid volleyball player who ended up playing for my collegiate club team.

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I’ve trained individuals from 17 years old all the way to 70 years old. Some clients want to lose weight, others want to lose inches, and there are those who want to build muscle.

I’ve trained 1-on-1 clients, small groups classes, and large group classes. I actually started my career by leading boot camp classes!


I’ve accumulated a wide range of certifications since graduating from college in 2012:

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